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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What is Valley Home Schoolers, Inc. (VHS)?
A. VHS is a Christian homeschool group in the Fox Cities area for families who have one or more students for whom they have filed the WI DPI form PI-1206.

Q. What is the purpose of VHS?
A. VHS provides the structure for members to support one another in the adventure and responsibility of homeschooling our children.

Q. What are the benefits of being a member of VHS?
A. VHS-sponsored activities such as field trips, social events, clubs, classes, co-op groups, and members-only website, create a sense of community among families who share similar goals and values for their homeschooled children.

Requirements / Eligibility

Q. What are the requirements for membership with VHS?
A.  The five requirement for participating in VHS are:
•          Comply with Wisconsin's homeschooling laws, including, but not limited to, filing the Wisconsin DPI Form PI-1206.
•          Agree to support and uphold the VHS Purpose Statement and the Statement of Faith.
•          Complete a New Member Application form or Membership Renewal form.
•          Stay current on membership fees.
•          Continuing & returning members are required to fulfill a commitment to serve VHS during the membership term.

Q. Can preschool families join VHS?
A. Yes.  Preschool families can join VHS before the required age to submit the Wisconsin DPI form PI-1206.  VHS acknowledges that homeschooling begins at birth.  If a homeschooled child is under the age of six, that family is considered a homeschool family by VHS if they will then file the Wisconsin DPI form PI-1206 when the child is of age. When VHS families file the annual Wisconsin DPI form PI-1206 for one or more children, they are then officially a homeschool family.

Q. How are public charter/virtual schools different from homeschooling?
A. Both charter and virtual charter schools are public schools. Charter schools are actual brick-and-mortar schools your child attends. With a virtual charter school, school work is done by the student in their home. While curricula may be different in some cases, charter and virtual charter schools are under the jurisdiction of the local public school district and the WI DPI. A home school student is different from a public charter or virtual charter school student. In Wisconsin, when of age, a homeschool student must complete the DPI form PI-1206 to comply with WI homeschooling law. Homeschools are private schools, not public schools, and therefore are not subject to compliance with state standards, state-mandated testing, etc. Parents take direct responsibility for the education of their home school student.

Q.  Are public charter virtual school students eligible to join VHS?
A.   Public charter virtual school students are public school students, not homeschooled students. If all your children are of school age and all are public charter school students, then VHS is not the appropriate group for your family. However, VHS families can and do employ a variety of schooling types for their children. If at least one child of a family is homeschooled and files the annual Wisconsin DPI form PI-1206, then that family does qualify for membership in VHS. The public or private-school students of a member family are welcome to attend many VHS events. There are other VHS activities that will be open to homeschooled students only. Public or private-school students should not be attending events or participating in groups/clubs without their homeschooled sibling(s). Please note that the VHS sports programs will require all participants to be homeschooled students who have filed or will file the WI DPI form PI-1206. 

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Commitment Questions

Q. What does a VHS commitment entail?
A. There are many possible choices to fulfill your commitment, with individual and committee opportunities available ranging from administrative positions to hands-on events. There are also a range of different skill-set options.  You can choose events that are one-time only, limited in length, or ongoing activities. Members choose positions that best use their talents and gifts to build VHS and to provide opportunities for their family and others. In serving VHS through a commitment, members build a sense of ownership and of belonging to the group. The vibrancy of VHS is the direct result of the volunteer efforts of VHS parents and teen leaders.  Members can also request to create a new activity or event to be considered for their VHS commitment. It is through new ideas brought forth to the group that VHS grows in other directions with expanded opportunities for students and families.

Calendar Related Questions

Q. What is the VHS membership term?
A. July 1 through June 30

Q. Can new members join VHS at any time during the year?
A. Yes, new members can join at any time of year.  The new membership fee is the same all year round. There is no prorated membership fee if joining mid-year.

Q. When is the best time of year for current/continuing members or returning members to renew?
A. May is the best month for current/continuing members (with no lapse in membership) or returning members (with any length of lapse of membership) to renew. An early-bird renewal discount is offered to those renewing prior to June 1.  Renewing in May also provides greater likelihood that you will be assigned to your 1st preference of VHS commitment.  Returning members will also need to choose a VHS commitment regardless of what time of year they rejoin VHS.

Q. I borrowed something from the Literature Library. When must it be back?

A. All resources borrowed from the library are due back on June 30.